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She’s a model, an actress, a mom and an entrepreneur. She’s gorgeous with her stunning, long, flowing locs. Nerissa Irving will make your head spin! On June 27, she will a guest speaker at  the Natural Hair Congress Canada, in Montreal, QC. 

Can you tell us what you’ll be talking about at NHCC?
Nene Organics and Naturotica. Nene Organics covers hair and beauty and Naturotica cover feminine health, sex health, diet, yoni eggs and sensuality.
Why should Montrealers come to see you?
My presentation takes care of your entire body and spirit. I bring up important conversations that some may consider taboo and I bring people together to help resolve problems.
As a model, has your hair always been accepted?
No. I’ve been turned away from many agencies because of my hair. That didn’t stop me! I made my own path to walk on.
Has there been moments where you wanted to change it? Cut it?
No! My hair is one part of my crown. The way I carry myself and love myself is the other half of my crown. I wear it proudly.
Can you tell us some of the not so good parts fo having your long hair?
My hair definitely makes me stand out but it also gets locked in the car door, sat on, pulled by my daughter and its heavy when wet.
In your opinions, are locs part of spiritual journey or are they only a hairstyle?
Very spiritual for me. I grew up in a Rastafarian home. It is not just a hairstyle. It’s a journey. A Lifestyle.
What advice do you give to someone who wants to start locs?
Don’t grow locs because you see someone else growing them. It’s a lifestyle not a trend. Do your research! 
What’s your best tip for luscious locs?
Drink lots of WATER. Your hair needs H20 to grow healthy.
What’s your favorite hairstyle?

My go-to ponytail. I can build various great hairstyles from my infamous ponytail.

Pourquoi? Do you think women are not well educated about their sexuality and sexual health? Why?
I can’t answer that question without the numbers to back it up, but I think some women think the man is  suppose to make them cum and know everything about their bodied. FALSE! It’s your body, you should know more about yourself than your partner. Good communication is lacking in the bedroom.
In your opinion, are Black women less open about their sexuality?
From the people I have been working with,they are less open about their sexuality. 

What’s the best way to keep an open mind about sexuality?
Take away the ego and the judgement! Do bring your personal beliefs into someone else life. Give others their space to be themselves. Being different is not taboo.
Bonus question bonus: How can we express our sexuality and sensuality without being «vulgar»?
Vulgar has a different meaning in other cultures. What you might consider vulgar is normal to the tribe next door. I express myself in a way that makes me comfortable. It’s never about other people. My happiness comes first. Knowing yourself will dictate what is vulgar vs. tasteful.
About Natural Hair Congress Canada
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